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Guidelines & Resources

To assist you with your projects, Ion Beam Milling, Inc. has assembled a set of guidelines that you can use when designing circuits and choosing materials.

  • Substrate Guidelines: We provide information on various common substrates that will help you match dielectric constant, surface finish, thermal conductivity and expansion properties to your project needs.
  • Metallization Specs: Provides an overview of common metallization thin films and their relative advantages
  • Via Hole Information: Outlines the options we offer for creating Via holes in your projects
  • External Links: Links to Resources of Interest to our customers

The information provided in these guides should help you choose the ideal substrate material, identify the optimal metallization scheme, and enable you to design your via holes with the correct dimensions.

The engineering staff here at Ion Beam Milling considers all of this simply a starting point.  We stand ready to assist you with your design questions.  Our staff of professional engineers has more than six decades of experience in the semi-conductor/thin film industry and is ready to put that experience to work for you.  Please contact us to speak with one of them or for more information.

Drawing Format Requirements

Ion Beam Milling prefers to receive engineering drawings in the industry standard .DXF format.  If it is more convenient for you, we can also accept drawings in .DWG format.  If it is not possible for you to provide an engineering design in either of these formats are possible, alternatives can be accommodated.  Please contact us for more details.