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Laser Diode Submounts

Heat Spreaders for High Performance Devices

Edge emitting Laser Diodes operating at high current require a heat spreader to be placed between the device active region and the metal carrier package.  When arranged in high densities, heat dissipation becomes even more critical.  Ultra-precise patterning of thin film metals on dielectrics with high thermal conductivity are used for diode submount applications.  Metal pads on the top surface edge of the submount facilitate diode edge mount requirements with edge gap geometrics down to 5 microns. 

Au/Sn selective deposition on the Ti/Pt/Au edge pads precludes the need for small solder preforms handling and avoids the risk of potential solder rollup in the critical submount edge areas.

Ion Beam Milling is one of the industry leaders for Laser Diode Submount fabrication.  As each application is different, Ion Beam Milling works with customers to develop a custom design that perfectly fits their requirements.

Ion Beam Milling has experience producing circuits utilizing substrates of varying thicknesses with high thermal conductivity such as Alumina, Aluminum Nitride, and Beryllium Oxide. 

Ion Beam Milling can deliver Laser Diode Submounts with or without Au/Sn pads depending on your needs.

Dielectric Material

Thermal Conductivity (w/mk)


Dielectric Constant


Alumina (99.6%)

26 27



Good Thermal Compatibility with
GaAs-Based Devices

Aluminum Nitride

170 210



Good Thermal Compatibility with
Si-Based Devices

Beryllium Oxide

260 290



Good Thermal Compatibility with
GaAs-Based Devices

Superior Thermal Performance

Standard Submount Metalizations





1K / 1.5 K / 5K

Best/Universal Choice

Ti /Ni/Au

1K / 1.5 K / 10K Min.

Ni Diffusion above 350 C

Au/Sn (80/20)

3 to 5 microns

Chip Preform Replacement