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Ion Beam Milling Launches New Website Rich in Microwave Circuit Fabrication Information

New Website offers visitors a wealth of information about the design and fabrication process of RF/Microwave/Photonics circuits in addition to promoting Ion Beam Milling’s product lines

Helping the next generation of engineers understand the possibilities the Ion Milling process offers is an important goal of Ion Beam Milling according to company President Jim Barrett.  While the Ion Beam Milling process itself is not new, its accuracy and capability for fine line etching makes it uniquely suited for developing today’s increasingly smaller micro-circuits.  Ion Beam Milling can serve as both replacement for or upgrade from chemical or wet etch techniques giving engineers the maximum flexibility for the creation of circuits.

Ion Beam Milling’s Chief Engineer Bob Quagan has taken the product data that the company has always offered on its website and enhanced it with detailed information about the fabrication processes in order to provide a resource to the RF, Microwave, and Photonics industries concerning the various substrate options and metallization schemes.  The new website presents this information in a more logical manner and adds new features including site-wide searching to help engineers quickly locate what they are looking for.

While the Ion Beam Milling process has been around for decades, new uses for the technology are constantly being discovered.  By providing more information about the capabilities and services offered both by the technology and by the company, Ion Beam Milling hopes to assist engineers in the development of new uses for the Ion Beam Milling process as well as to solve new problems using a time-tested technology.

Since 1982, Ion Beam Milling has served the Microwave, RF, and Photonics communities fabricating Thin Film circuits.  Today, the company offers an array of standard products, custom circuits and services such as Photolithography, Ion Milling, and Dicing.

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If you'd like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Jim Barrett or Bob Quagan, please contact Carmen Losanno at (603) 644-2326 or e-mail Carmen at closanno@ionbeammilling.com