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Ion Beam Milling Expands Milling Capabilities with the addition of two Ion Millers

Ion Beam Milling announces a substantial increase in it's milling capacity with the addition of two Ion Milling Systems.  These two systems are both Commonwealth Scientific Millers that have been completely rebuilt from the ground up and equipped with new state of the art of electronic power supplies.  This addition expands Ion Beam Milling's throughput capacity by 200% as well as provides needed redundancy to it's existing milling capability.

The Ion Beam Etching process yields a superior circuit to the older wet etch process in that circuit to circuit repeatability is enhanced.  Ion Milling also produces straight side walls and eliminates undercutting common with wet etching.  Ion Beam Milling is surprisingly affordable and often can be done for the same cost or less than wet etching.  If you are interested in more information, we invite you to contact us directly or through one of our representative firms.